While travel trends have always evolved with the changing preferences of travellers, in recent times, factors such as environmental impact and of course, the pandemic, are changing how people explore the world. There is a growing demand for travelling slowly, in smaller groups, for experiences that are outdoors, and in offbeat destinations with fewer people around. Adventure travel has always had takers but now, after months spent confined to our homes, it’s becoming among the most popular options. India is a land of enormous variety, as in landscape as it is in experiences and people. When it’s safe to travel again, check out these 4 incredible adventures across the country.

Walk Under The Sea

Of course, walking is among the best ways to explore a place. But have you ever tried walking in places nobody has dreamed of before? In Goa, H2O on Baina Beach, organises an underwater sea walk. You can stroll along the seabed, amid bright-hued corals, bunches of marine plants and schools of colourful fish. Even non-swimmers can try out this activity as all you need is gear, and there are certified trainers and guides present all along the way. This will definitely be a walk to remember.

Explore A City On Segway

Eco-friendly modes of transportation are all the rage and segways are among one of the most popular options catching on. Next time you’re looking to explore Delhi, with its myriad lanes, historic buildings and monuments, art districts, parks and gardens, book yourself a segway tour with Delhi City Segway Tour. It won’t tire you out like a bicycle would and there are none of the emissions involved like vehicles. There are different itineraries available for different preferences, such as Delhi Art District Tour and Lutyens’ Delhi Tour.

Zipline Over A Forest

Ziplining has caught on in India, and if you want a great place to start, head to Kikar Lodge in Ropar, Punjab. Organised by Flying Fox, the zipline here is the longest one in South Asia. Built near the Shivalik Hills, the zipline takes you over forest-laden valleys for an amazing bird’s eye view of the place. It’s a unique way to catch a glimpse of the animals in the 1,800 acres of forest and get a breath of fresh air too.

Ride The Waves On A River

Arunachal Pradesh remains one of the least explored states in the country, and there are few better ways to set about doing this than with the grand Brahmaputra River. Try out white-water rafting here. Several Grade 4 and 6 level rapids make for an exciting opportunity to battle the spray but that’s not all that’s on offer. For times when you want to take it easy, there are stretches where the river flows gently and you can peacefully kayak down it, while watching life in the tribal settlements on the banks.

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