• In the age of COVID-19, space and privacy have become more important to prospective buyers, especially those shopping in the luxury end of the market. 
  • And while buyers are willing to pay top dollar for those luxuries on land, nothing offers more distance and privacy than your own island.
  • Enness Global sent Business Insider a list of private islands from around the world, and we listed the ones for sale for just under $5 million.
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In a COVID-19 world, the desire for space and privacy has never been more prominent among prospective buyers. 

For those luxuries, people who have the money will spend it. But just how much are they willing to drop — and how far out are they willing to move?

Earlier this month, Manhattan saw a $33 million penthouse go into contract. According to the buyer’s agent, Eric Brown, the main draw was not only the size of the interior space but also the available outdoor space. 

“To me, there is a huge push not just for boutique buildings, but bigger apartments with more interior square footage and, No. 1 on the list, outdoor space,” he told Business Insider.

But what if less than half that price tag could get you more than just a house?

Enness Global provided Business Insider with private-island listings around the world, and we rounded up the ones for sale for less than $5 million.

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