ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 26: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison holds a quokka during a visit to the Adelaide Zoo on September 26, 2020 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Kelly Barnes/Getty Images)

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A home quarantine system is being considered by the Federal Government as the coronavirus pandemic moves into a new phase.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in the early days of the virus, home quarantine had worked in Australia particularly among returning Chinese and European residents.

That, he said, “proved absolutely vital in Australia’s success in managing the impact of that first wave”.

Now, home quarantine is being explored as another way of managing returning residents and even tourists.

“I think home quarantine can play a role in the future and it’s something that is being considered by the AHPPC and particularly as we move beyond the phase we’re in now,” Mr Morrison said.

It could be used to welcome back visitors from countries who had managed to take control of the virus, including New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and parts of the Pacific.

“There are opportunities to look at those alternative methods, a triaging if you like. And many countries do this.”

He pointed to Denmark which operates via a “traffic light system” and Greece.

“They have an algorithm which triages people based on where they’ve come from and where they’ve been and that quantifies the risk,” Mr Morrison said.

“I think as time goes on, we will need a more flexible approach that gives us more options for managing this,.

“So, I think that is something that is under active consideration and when it comes in, that will obviously be determined principally by the health advice that can provide a green light to those sorts of options once again, but I’m hopeful it’s something we can move to.”

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