Things have changed in almost every sector—there’s no way around it. But when it comes to how we take vacation, things have become trickier than ever. Travelers are looking for personalized, private experiences now more than ever and in response to this uptick, many luxury hotels and high-end resorts are providing socially distanced, privatized services that begin even before guests arrive to the property—with private air travel offerings.

While many travelers are still worried about flying commercial during a pandemic—even an upgrade to business class comes with its own set of risks—flying private takes a lot of the pressure and risk associated with travel out of the equation.

In order to quell the worries of would-be travelers, luxury hotels throughout North America and the Caribbean are offering new private flight amenities for their guests. From on-demand private chargers to packages complete with round-trip private jet transfers, it’s becoming easier than ever to fly private—even for travelers who wouldn’t usually think to book private.

These new private plane offerings, for those with the means, provide a handful of desirable benefits that make traveling during a pandemic more comfortable, including increased privacy, flexibility and ease when it comes to traveling to a new destination—because when it comes to travel restrictions, things continue to change on a daily basis. What’s more, private jet services can fly out of larger airports but can also service smaller airports for travelers looking to avoid larger crowds at all costs.

Interested in booking your own private plane getaway? Here are a handful of private jet offerings at hotels in the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean—all of which are open to American travelers and have new safety measures put in place to keep you secure at all times.

Rosewood Little Dix Bay

The island resort on Virgin Gorda is set to launch a new partnership with Tropic Ocean Airways and its air concierge service Volo Travel, which will allow travelers the opportunity to choose between private or semi-private aircrafts depending on their destination and price point.  Travelers will have access to over 1,000 aircrafts, which will make it easy to avoid the crowds associated with commercial air travel.

Las Ventanas al Paraiso

Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos has recently introduced LVP Wings, an exclusive members-only, on-demand private charter in partnership with Jet & More. Travelers will be paired with other members looking to book a private group charter, which helps significantly bring down the overall cost while still taking advantage of private, small group air travel.

Rosewood Miramar Beach

Looking for a great domestic retreat? Leave your passport at home head to Southern California’s most luxurious oceanfront resort. Rosewood Miramar Beach has recently introduced the new Jet-A-Way package, which includes roundtrip private jet transfers between San Francisco and Montecito, allowing travelers to transfer at their preferred airport in the San Francisco and Santa Barbara areas to fully accommodate their travel plans while ensuring proper social distancing is in place.

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