Running at 70 minutes, with a limit of 25 families participating in each performance, MY FARAWAY ADVENTURE KIT is perfect for ages 4-10.

Dallas Children's Theater Announces MY FARAWAY ADVENTURE KIT

Dallas Children’s Theater is bringing its unique brand of family fun to the virtual world through a Zoom-centered production featuring Dallas clown artists Slappy and Monday. Dubbed the MY FARAWAY ADVENTURE KIT, families will purchase online access, receive their very own box filled with tools and clues in the mail, and take a very up close and personal trip to fun and interesting places around the world. Aiming to give families the experience of travel while breaking out of the boxed-in COVID feeling, the investment is only $70 per family and includes one box mailed to the household, but more boxes can be mailed to the same household for $16 each. The team promises that the experience will evoke screams of laughter from everyone and teach very valuable lessons. Proceeds from this fundraiser/production will benefit the Dallas Children’s Theater Brighter Days Sustainability Campaign and provide much-needed support to help DCT continue offering virtual experiences during these COVID times and also help the organization prepare for a return to in-person performances.

Running at 70 minutes, with a limit of 25 families participating in each performance, MY FARAWAY ADVENTURE KIT is perfect for ages 4-10. Immersive and interactive, it is meant to be enjoyed as a family, with at least one adult present. Beginning on Friday, November 6th, MY FAR AWAY ADVENTURE KIT performances will be running every weekend in November and spots during the 20 shows can be reserved at

Internationally-renowned clown artists and DCT favorites, Dick Monday and Tiffany Riley (better known as Slappy and Monday,) are excited to take families on this super-secret globetrotting mission. “We are so honored to be doing this project with our friends at DCT,” said Tiffany Riley. “Whether in-person or online, DCT works hard to inspire creativity in children, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that team, and besides, we could all use an out-of-the-box adventure right now, and this one is going to be loads of fun.”

Dick Monday added, “I know people have experienced a lot of Zoom lately, but we promise you, the show (and the box full of clues and toys) will be so worth it.” Monday concluded, “Plus, you’re investing in keeping the arts and children at the forefront. How could you go wrong?”

Slappy and Monday have been staples in the lobby before almost every sensory-friendly performances for several years now. Riley and Monday are the co-founders of Laughter League, a non-profit often focused on spreading laughter in places that need it most. They’ve acquired a new fan-following among DCT regulars through their hilarious antics during DCT’s virtual Brain Breaks, and are looking forward to taking children on a journey around the world!

DCT’s Senior Director of Communications and Philanthropy Sandra Session-Robertson said that since the shutdown, the organization has been looking for a feasible entertainment experience that was somewhat comparable to what audiences get when they come see a live show. “While nothing can replace the reward of seeing one of our live shows, we look forward to seeing loyal patrons again in this format. And it is a fun way to raise the funds we need to get back in the swing of things since we’re over six months without any ticket proceeds from a DCT show which has always been key to our success.”

The investment for the experience is $70 per family (includes one box; additional boxes $16 each), but larger groups have the opportunity to buy all 25 seats in an exclusive gathering for $2000. DCT’s MY FAR AWAY ADVENTURE KIT makes a great treat for a class; neighborhood friends or a way to bring together family and friends from anywhere in the country.

Show Times are Central Standard(CST)

Friday, November 6 at 7P

Saturday, November 7 at 10A

Saturday, November 7 at 5P

Sunday, November 8 at 2P

Sunday, November 8 at 5P

Friday, November 13 at 7P

Saturday, November 14 at 10A

Saturday, November 14 at 5P

Sunday, November 15 at 2P

Sunday, November 15 at 5P

Friday, November 20 at 7P

Saturday, November 21 at 10A

Saturday, November 21 at 5P

Sunday, November 22 at 2P

Sunday, November 22 at 5P

Friday, November 27 at 7P

Saturday, November 28 at 10A

Saturday, November 28 at 5P

Sunday, November 29 at 2P

Sunday, November 29 at 5P

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