How to expand your cat pack

There are more than 100 anthropomorphic moggies for players to get to know in Dear My Cat. Each has their own unique backstory and endearing behaviours to observe, so to get the most out of the game, you’ll want to convince all of them to visit your island.

To encourage feline travellers to stop by, you’ll need to send out as many invites as possible, and you can summon new friends by spending your in-game gold on train tickets. Your gold and heart production increases every time you invite a traveller, so this is a cycle you should aim to maintain.

Upgrading your island is also important, as the higher its level, the more cats you can invite. They’re drawn to higher-level islands like real-life moggies to a litter box.


Keeping your cats happy

Many cat owners like to lavish gifts on their pets, and in Dear My Cat, this goes a long way to keeping them satisfied. The gifts you need can be found by hunting for treasure. Keep an eye out for sparkling spots on the map and give them a tap to unearth said treasure.

Treasure boxes can also be bought from the in-game shop or earned as offline rewards. Giving gifts from these boxes to your cats is a sure-fire way to keep them happy.

There are good reasons to look after your feline tribe’s wellbeing, beyond just being nice. Gold production will increase if your cats are happy, while accessory slots will be unlocked along with new ways to decorate and customise your anthropomorphic critters.

There will be times when your cats turn their noses up to gifts, and you’ll need to figure out why. Perhaps they’d prefer to play for a while before accepting your offering?


Upgrading and expanding your island

You can upgrade your island by gathering hearts, and you’ll want to expand it as soon as possible. By doing this, you can open up new destinations and landmarks for your cats to congregate at.

Opening a new destination means spending gold, but it’s worth it. As you level up a destination, you can invite VIP friends to hang out there, and they come with their own animations and backstories. Your gold production will rise as you level up your destination, but you can always hold down the ‘Quick’ button to upgrade faster.

Speaking of speeding things up, carrying out research will help your island grow more rapidly. You can earn research points by completing the in-game quests, and by investing these in different types of research, you can build up your island more efficiently.


How to get accessories

The furry inhabitants of Sky Island love to accessorise and it’s up to you to fulfil their need for cat bling. Accessory slots will be unlocked once your moggies reach a certain happiness level, and there are many ways to find special items that can fill them.

You can buy accessories at the in-game shop with the Ruby currency, find them in treasure boxes if you’re lucky, or earn them as achievement rewards.

Once you’ve collected accessories, you can trade them with other cats. If you invite Fufu to your island, you can swap the Sparkling Hairball – which can be obtained as an achievement reward or when giving treasure to a cat – with him, depending on his happiness level.


Hearts and gold

Gold and heart are your lifeblood in Dear My Cat. Gold is your currency for levelling up destinations and inviting travellers to your island, while heart is for upgrading your island.

There are many ways to earn gold. Your production of it will increase when you invite a new traveller to your island, when you upgrade a destination, and when your cats’ happiness level is high. Heart production, meanwhile, also rises when you invite a new traveller, and you can tap on the Heart Balloons attached to their heads to earn even more.

Moreover, you can generate hearts and gold by claiming the Cloud Whale’s gift, completing a Photo Mission, claiming an offline reward or activating Happy Time in the shop.

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