New York, NY – ( NewMediaWire ) – October 03, 2020 – Isn’t it frustrating to be an Instagram follower of a great and appealing business but cannot access its full and vital information, products, and services? No worries! QW DEV portal directory is the best website to visit to sort out this issue. The directory allows businesses with Instagram business accounts to give access to their Instagram followers. It does so by enabling the businesses to make multiple connections of their social media accounts on various platforms. The directory avails its different site users with links that connect the Instagram business account to the point of sale, information, or service.

Businesses with Instagram business accounts always post their official website link on their Instagram bio. At times businesses offer incomplete or insufficient information on their official websites. Therefore, Instagram followers seeking further information from the Instagram redirected link are often frustrated and left stranded.  Luckily, Instagram followers can access additional information through the QW DEV portal directory as it enables businesses to increase and give insight about the business. Moreover, it avails various reliable links in connection to the business″ official website URL.  Consequently, they can know more about the business, such as its history and what it entails, and even further sought details and commonly asked questions. Moreover, Instagram followers will be able to know about Instagram’s business employers.

Travel businesses often post on their Instagram business accounts their travel packages to various destinations and purposes. Such travel packages include airport transfers, car rentals packages, car hire packages, and wedding car hire packages. The links offered on the business″ accounts only lead to the official travel businesses’ sites.

By employing the relevant portal directory, you can directly view and access the various links to the different travel packages availed without any struggle. Travel packages often come with multiple discounts and offers, which are usually availed by affiliated links. Therefore, Instagram followers can use the directory and access the related links. Who wouldn’t love a discounted travel package?

Are you a hotelier with exquisite services and seeking for more sales? Employ your Instagram business account and the QW DEV portal directory for increased sales. Open an Instagram business account and post various services and cuisines. By doing so, Instagram followers can view the hotel, products, services, and cuisines through the posted images. Nevertheless, posted images are insufficient to assure your suspect and prospect customers of excellent service.

Therefore, the hotel’s Instagram business account can put up their official site link in their bio to allow Instagram followers access to the hotel’s website. Through relevant portal directories, the suspect and prospect customers can use the hotel’s official site link and find the hidden URLs. Finally, they can directly access links to the hotel’s outstanding services and book a table to enjoy the cuisine. Consequently, the hotel can achieve increased sales.

The QW DEV portal directory allows multiple Instagram business accounts to track their competitors. Portal directories help Instagram businesses to know the number of their competitor’s Instagram followers. If a competing business has more Instagram followers than yours, they are most likely to be more successful. Moreover, portal directories allow you to retrieve lists of Instagram followers of the competing business. Therefore, portal directories will not only assist you in knowing your target market better but also monitor your competitor efficiently and identify various market gaps.

Schools, universities, and online courses are extremely popular on the Instagram platform. Many people look forward to enrolling in various semesters of their study of choice. Consequently, the schools, universities, and online courses’ Instagram account gain numerous followers as the Instagram followers need to keep up with relevant information. However, the official website link available in the school’s Instagram account usually is insufficient to the Instagram followers as they fail to find the parent login.

As long as your Instagram followers have the schools, universities, and online courses’ official website link, various relevant portal directories have got their back! The QW DEV portal directory is one of the relevant ones as it allows the Instagram followers access to the parent log in by just searching it on the website. Consequently, the schools, universities, and online courses’ Instagram followers will have a smooth enrollment experience.


Does your business have multiple social media accounts across various platforms? If so, the QW DEV portal directory can smoothen the search for your Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, and even twitter followers to find you easily on the various social media platforms.

There will be a pragmatic impact on your business due to visibility and increased interaction and feedback from your followers on the various social media platforms. Ensure that your Instagram followers and Twitter followers can access your official website link from your Instagram profile bio or your description box in the case of YouTube.

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