Are you someone who likes to hear the facts straight from the horse’s (er…dog’s) mouth? Well, is on the lookout for just that by enlisting the help of the most knowledgeable of critter travel critics—the pets themselves!

First reported by our friends at Food & Wine and Travel & Leisure, the hotel booking site is looking for cats, dogs, and other hotel room size appropriate pet (sorry, alpaca and horse lovers!) to review pet-friendly hotel rooms for its site.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Considering the strange year we’ve been having, seeking such “Creature Critics” certainly does not seem like the weirdest development; in fact, it makes perfect sense.

After all, if you’re looking for the world’s most pet-friendly hotels, who than our pets better to determine the quality of pet beds, the tastiness of treats in the lobby, and the amount of available green space for proper sniffing and pottying?

What’s more, people are currently much more stringent about the details and safety of their travel these days, especially when it comes to where they’re staying. Plus, these travelers are far less likely to leave the pup, kitty, gerbil, bird, or other creature at home since our critter buddies have gotten very used to having us around all the time. will offer three pets and their owners the opportunity to become part of this exclusive pack, giving each winner 10 coupons worth $150 each that can be used to explore hotels around the world, discovering the diamonds in the ruff that take pet (and human) vacationing to the next level.

To enter, simply upload a photo of your pet and share the reasons why they should become a “Creature Critic” to either Twitter or Instagram. Then tag and follow @hotelsdotcom and use the hashtag #CreatureCritics.

You must apply before October 9, 2020 to be counted, so check out the rules for entry and make it snappy!

Good luck to all you comfort connoisseurs—we can’t wait to discover more pet-centric travel hot spots with the help of your (and your sidekick’s) insight.

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