October has come out of nowhere and with it comes Halloween. Spa booking specialists Spaseekers have pulled together a list of the UK’s most haunted hotels and spas for all the Halloween lovers out there.

With many of the UK’s spas and hotels set in old manor houses, it’s no surprise that some of them have spooky histories and uninvited guests! For the thrill-seekers out there these hotels boast an opportunity to get closer to the supernatural and relax with a spa treatment.

Spaseekers have also released a list of some of the spookiest themed treatments to help give yourself a frighteningly good pamper.

5 of the most haunted hotels in the UK, revealed

1. Gisborough Hall Hotel, North Yorkshire

This spooky hotel in Gisborough was built in 1856 and has a rich history! The hotel is reported to have no less than three resident ghosts – an old lady who comes and kneels at the foot of a bed in the Old Nursery, one who is thought to be the ghost of an old butler who paces above the Rose Room, and another who appears outside the main reception and passes through the inner hall.

2. Mercure Dunkenhalgh Hotel & Spa, Lancashire

A 700-year-old mansion nestled in a tranquil location on the outskirts of Blackburn may seem like the perfect location for some much-needed pampering. However, it also happens to be one of the most haunted hotels in the UK.

According to legend, the country manor is the setting for a tragic love story. Lucette, a French governess, was wooed and then jilted one Christmas by a dashing army officer. Heartbroken and unable to get over him, she threw herself off of a bridge into the river and drowned to death. Since then, her ghost has been spotted around the hotel and has even appeared in photographs.

3. Eastwell Manor, Kent

Eastwell Manor is an elegant and romantic hotel located in Ashford. Steeped in history, spanning 450 years, the property is said to have a few ghosts roaming its halls.

According to former guests and those who work at the former royal residence, a horseman is often seen riding towards the house and then veering off and disappearing into a nearby lake. A white lady, who is said to eerily appear before porters on their night shift, is another regular sighting. Although this spa isn’t taking bookings until 2021, get this one on the bucket list if ghost hunting is your thing.

4. Ruthin Castle Hotel & Spa, North Wales

Dating back to the 13th century, Ruthin Castle is allegedly one of the most haunted hotels in the UK. With tales of jealousy, murder and execution all linked to the castle, it’s no wonder it is considered one of the scariest locations in Wales.

Amongst others, a Grey Lady is said to have haunted the castle ever since she discovered that her husband was having an affair. After killing her husband’s mistress she was subsequently tried of murder and sentenced to death. The ghost of the Grey Lady reportedly wanders the banqueting hall and castle battlements to this day.

5. The Shrigley Hall Hotel, Cheshire

Shrigley Hall Hotel is an impressive manor house set in the picturesque countryside of Cheshire, dating back to 1825. In 1929, the manor, along with 262 acres of land, was sold to the Salesians. The property previously acted as a church, a missionary college for boys and later, a hotel. Whilst many generations have passed through the hotel, some are said to never have left.

One guest reported spotting a ghost walking nonchalantly into his bathroom. Other reports of paranormal activity include bumps in the night, unexplained noises and sudden temperature drops.

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