Conservationist and blogger Alison Teal wrote “Alison’s Adventures: Your Passport to the World” to inspire kids and show even small actions make a big difference.

SEATTLE — Alison Teal is a lifelong explorer and adventurer Time Magazine named the “Female Indiana Jones”.  Her new book, Alison’s Adventures: Your Passport to the World, was written to “inspire and educate youth”, but makes an impact on people of all-ages.  

About the Book: “With a pink surfboard made of recycled coffee cups and fueled by an insatiable curiosity and indomitable spirit, Alison Teal has explored some of the most remote places on earth. In a new book by Ripley Publishing, follow Alison as she surfs through the Catacombs of Paris, along the waters of an active volcano, and as she leads the charge to clean up plastics from Trash Island in the Maldives.

The colorful 144-page book aims to inspire and educate youth, as Alison details her lifelong passion to uncover hidden mysteries, preserve disappearing cultures, and protect our greatest treasure on earth—our world’s waters. Embark on a journey with this fearless female and learn how even the smallest actions can make a difference.”  –

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