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The lockdown has meant a majorly sedentary and restricted lifestyle for most of us. This has meant working from and staying confined within our homes, which in turn has been associated with a list of devastating side effects such as restlessness, stress, anxiety, and even insomnia. The constant inflow of sensationally fed news of devastation and chaos has created a general state of fear which has been traumatic, to say the least. But its time to break the cycle and create our own place and refine our own sanity in this new normal. It’s time to reattach with the world in a regulated manner, with the necessary precautions in place. The first thing people have been itching to do is travel, and here’s why adventure sports in particular need to be on your list to turn 2020 around and end this unusual year on a high note. A cherished experience of adventure sports can make you feel alive again. There are several unique places to experience adventure sports such as Uttarakhand, Shimla, Meghalaya, Mysore, and most recently to have joined this exciting list is GOA. India’s beloved sunshine state has the most exotic beach locations to offer adventure sports, including an array of activities, comprising of bungy jumping, hot air ballooning, scuba diving, hiking, and trekking. Bungy jumping specifically has become tremendously popular over the past couple of years. This extreme sport is a true test of mental strength and can abundantly help in elevating one’s mood and strengthening the mind. Niharika Nigam, Director-Business Development, Jumpin Heights shared how can you combat stress with adventure sports. Read on: Reduces stress and anxiety Here’s a challenge: Try thinking about payments or your daily mundane stressors while you’re standing harnessed, ready to bungy, at the edge of a 120 meters platform. Because we know it to be impossible. Instead, we guarantee you will feel a sudden rush and thrill. The inevitable pump of adrenaline will additionally enhance the senses of your body and tis will surely be the memory of a lifetime. Soul food That indulging in adventure sports promotes mental wellbeing is a lesser-known fact. Extreme sports challenge you to face your fears and thereby provide the opportunity to overcome them- this process has great cathartic value. To many, it feels like freeing a caged soul. This is why such extreme experiences become powerful memories that continue to burn bright even years later. Conclusion Given the current scenario, to indulge in such experiences, you should understand state protocols for entry and abide by the safety instructions and be a responsible traveller.

The world is opening adventure-seekers. Are you ready?

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