Holidays have to be undertaken with a great deal of precaution now. The UK government has very strict travel rules in place, with only a selection of destinations on the ‘safe’ list. What’s more, countries can be removed from this list with very little notice, making going on holiday even more stressful.

“It is difficult to commit to a winter holiday with the travel corridors constantly changing, but there are a few hot spot destinations that are lining up to be the ideal safe travel choice for late 2020/2021,” said Joseph.

The travel experts revealed that Health and Fitness Travel, are currently sending and bookings clients to Madeira, Turkey, Greece, Italy and St Lucia.

According to the latest data from travel consultancy The PC Agency, Greece currently has a rate of 20.5 cases per 1000,000.

Italy has 18.1 and Turkey 14.2.


The UK has said nations will be taken off the travel corridor list once this figure rises above 20, making Italy and Turkey currently the safer options.

“Just a short flight away, Madeira, Italy and Turkey are a few of the favourable European Autumn and Winter Sun breaks,” he said.

“With low COVID-19 cases, glorious sunshine, and some fantastic beaches, they’re perfect for a Vitamin D boost away from the UK.

“A little further afield, already popular Winter holiday destination St Lucia has had its COVID-19 rating dropped to level one, making it a top safe travel choice for an Autumn or Winter escape.

“Taking fewer bags, ideally only hold luggage, will save you time and help reduce the spread of the virus, and your list of airport essentials should now look a little different, with a mask, reusable water bottle and anti-bacterial gel being the new necessities.

“Make sleep a priority especially the week before departure.

“Eat ginger, turmeric, blueberries, fatty fish, and broccoli to reduce inflammation in your body, this builds a healthy immune system.

“Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and wipe down your airplane seat and tray table when flying.”

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