In 2020, travel on planet Earth has been a disaster, thanks to Covid-19. But according to, the future looks brighter. The online travel site just announced its goal to be first to provide hotel bookings in space.

The company has just launched a website that it dubs ”One Giant Leap for Hotel Life.” You could say new space website is one small step for hotels, because indeed, that is its name.

As for the imagined future of space hotels, vision is reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey and its famed Hilton Hotel, filmed more than 50 years ago. The images evoke a 1950’s sci-fi magazine cover or more modern imaginings.

But if the images are not high in scientific realism, they do stoke the imagination. And in 2020, one thing the sanitation-fixated travel industry has failed to do is to stoke the dream life of the would-be traveler.

The vision may be a bit on the playfully profane side, (‘GTFO Planet Earth Now!’), but the new site does offer a fun vision of the future space of hotel life in space.

In the morning (for whatever time zone you’re flying over), you can set your own Supernova Wake Up Call. You can customize your call from a library of 800 earthling celebrities, and your holographic wake-up call will be available in over 10,000 languages.

There’s a few more Jetsons-style touches, like artificial intelligent concierges, robot bellhops, and an “epic” room service spread that “even the late Neil Armstrong couldn’t have dreamed up.” No Tang or freeze-dried ice cream.

And be it ever so humble, there’s no substitute or hotel hospitality. When you check in to your out-of-this-world hotel, your Space Suit Robe & Moon Boot Slipper set will be waiting for you, made out of state-of-the-art temperature-controlled technology.

There’s a Meteor Minibar stocked with snacks and a space deck pool with 360-degree views of the Milky Way. If you take a little something from the Meteor Minibar, the addition to your bill will no doubt be astronomical. (Sorry.) Still, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere below. even has a contest to help you pay for your future travels, whether on Earth or beyond. 

Can you prove you have one of the eight planets in your legal first, middle or last name? Venus Williams might not need the money, and comedian Aries Spears would need to plead his case. But if you are named for a planet, that opens up the field for you to be among 20 astral travelers to win a $250 gift card.

For now these gift cards only apply to current Earth properties represented by But to win, you’ll have to upload a photocopy of your identification to show your parents were thinking beyond the solar system.

“ is proud to already offer the best properties on planet Earth. The way things are going in 2020 inspired us to see if we can extend that offering to the entire galaxy,” said Josh Belkin, Vice President of Global Brand at “This announcement is our hope to encourage and move forward the concept of space tourism, while revving up excitement for that aspect for the travel industry that is sure to come sometime in the near future.”

How serious is about all this? Obviously, not very. But interestingly, the company added an editor’s note. “If you’re a company with plans to build hotels in space, wants to be your booking partner! Email us at [email protected] to learn more and get connected with us.”

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