Some lucky people will be able to escape the politics of election day next month with a stay in a manmade cave built 50 feet below ground.

The political climate is so combative lately, it’s easy to understand wanting to live under a rock at least until the presidential election is over. One travel site promotion is allowing some lucky traveler to do just that. is offering a five-night stay in a cave 50 feet (15 meters) under ground from Nov. 2 to Nov. 7, which covers the Nov. 3 election and then some.

“Now when someone asks you, ‘Have you been living under a rock?’ you can actually say yes,” a spokesperson for the site said in an email. “Can’t think of a better year to go underground.”

The cave is a Flintstones-style B&B in Farmington, New Mexico, and for this promotion, it costs only $5 per night. But there’s only one stay available, and it goes to whoever nabs it first via a special page on the company’s site beginning Oct. 9 at 6 a.m. PT. 

The property advertises free Wi-Fi, though, so if you want to really stay away from the election news, you’re going to have to resist the lure of the internet.

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