a group of people sitting at a table in a restaurant: Hotels in Dubai should close by 3am under new rules

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Hotels in Dubai should close by 3am under new rules

Timings for entertainment activities and food and beverage services have been amended for hotel establishments, events, venues, conference organisers, and retailers in Dubai, Khaleej Times has learnt.

Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), issued a circular on Thursday, stating that with immediate effect all entertainment activities in the city are to conclude by 1am sharp. Khaleej Times has seen a copy of this circular.

Hotel establishments have been informed by DTCM that provision of food and beverage services should be strictly suspended after 3:00am, including the closing of venues. “This is with the exception of delivery and room services,” added the circular.

The circular has cautioned all to adhere to the new Covid-19 guidelines starting Thursday, September 24 to avoid any consequential procedures and violations.

Chairman and managing director of the Fortune Group of Hotels Praveen Shetty told Khaleej Times, “Obviously, we welcome this decision set forward by DTCM. It is a necessary measure to curb Covid-19 numbers.” However, Shetty added, “Bigger crowds of people usually visit entertainment venues and bars during the weekends. Dubai residents are seen more in these venues during Thursdays and Fridays. I suggest these measures be more strictly enforced on those days.”

Rules amended for restaurants

Meanwhile, Dubai Municipality (DM) has also amended Covid-19 regulations for restaurants and cafes and other food establishments. DM issued a tweet on Friday, “Dubai Municipality amended the protocol and guidelines in Circular 45 for food establishments in a manner that ensures everyone’s safety and meets their entertainment needs.”

As per the new guidelines, restaurants and cafes must make sure that mask mandates and social distancing protocols are followed by customers, irrespective of the nature of the group they are in, which includes members of the same family or otherwise.

The outlets have also been asked to restrict the number of people in each group to eight individuals per table in a general restaurant and five individuals per table in case of a shisha cafe. Outlets must ensure visitors wear face masks at all times, except while eating

“Outlets should also have a defined social distance plan by keeping tables two metres apart from each other or by introducing temporary isolators,” DM tweeted.

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