Road Schooling: Hyderabad Couple, Twin Daughters Travel Across 15 States In 90 days

Hyderabad Couple, Twin Daughters Travel Across 15 States In 90 days

New Delhi:

A Hyderabad couple has travelled across 15 states of the country in 90 days with their twin daughters in the backseat of their car.

Exploring different ways to travel each time, Gangadhar said that their longest adventure was a 90-day road trip covering 15 states over 13,000 kilometres while exploring “road schooling” with their twin daughters, a new method of education.

Speaking to ANI, Gangadhar said, “I was in the corporate sector for over 17 years but quit my job in 2018 to become a full-time traveller. I’m an expert in North-east India and Bhutan. Last year, we travelled for seven months in North-east India, four months with my family and three months solo.”

“At an early age, my wife Ramya and I were passionate about travelling and felt that it was close to our hearts. Even after we had our twins, Amulya and Ananya, we continued to travel with them. We never want to blame our kids for not being able to see new places. We first travelled with them when they were just six months old. Nine years later, we continue to do the same,” Gangadhar said.

He added that travelling had taught his daughters deep life lessons that cannot be taught by parents or school teachers.

“We have been ”road-schooling” our kids. They have learned much more on the road with us than they will ever learn in a school. Homeschooling is where the atmosphere of a school is replicated at home by setting a curriculum for the children, but it cannot completely replicate and create a school-like atmosphere. No matter how hard parents try, they cannot be teachers. If someone thinks that education and knowledge can be gained from inside four walls then it is a disaster,” Gangadhar said.

“Our daughters saw the water cycle firsthand in Cherrapunji twice a day. By travelling, they are getting authentic experiences. They have had close encounters with humanity at the most needful times. Maths and science can make a difference only if humanity exists,” he said.

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