This year has already seen a resurgence of camping excursions and the great American road trip, with more and more people craving outdoor escapes, nearby retreats, and socially distant getaways. And the way things are shaping up with the novel coronavirus pandemic, these trends are likely to continue in the months—and quite possibly years—to come. We’re all for getting outside and exploring the hidden gems right in our own backyard. But if you’re getting tired of lugging around your tent and crashing in sleeping bags, then it’s time to consider stepping up your camping game. A great way to do that is with travel trailers. While they come in virtually every shape and size, travel trailers offer endless adventure opportunities thanks to their lightweight design, compact quarters, and approachable price tag.

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According to the 2020 North American Camping and The Effects of COVID-19 Special Report published in May by Kampgrounds of America (KOA), one third of leisure travelers who have not camped before are now interested in camping. Additionally, more than half of the campers surveyed indicated they are somewhat or very likely interested in purchasing an RV. So, if you’ve been thinking about scooping up a travel trailer, now is the time to strike. And if purchasing your own is too much of a commitment, you can always plan a test run by renting one from Outdoorsy’s collection of over 200,000 unique vehicles (they’re like the Airbnb of RVs).

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To aid in your quest, we’ve outlined a selection of top-rated travel trailers that are sure to spark your wanderlust and jump-start your upcoming travel plans. After all, why slum it when you can explore in style? From quick weekend road trips to long-haul journeys through the country’s most rugged terrain, each of the models below can handle it all.

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