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James Feldkamp has been fortunate enough to travel to many different countries. Below, he shares some tips for traveling internationally.

ARLINGTON, VA / ACCESSWIRE / October 6, 2020 / If you’re traveling overseas, it’s a whole lot different compared to traveling anywhere around the United States. As James Feldkamp used to be in the Navy, he knows his fair share about traveling internationally. Below, James Feldkamp provides 5 very useful tips for traveling to different countries:

Understand the cash situation

No matter where you are in this world, you’re usually able to walk up to any ATM and deposit cash. While that may be true, for the most part, many banks in the United States charge hefty fees for talking out cash in another country. While you can pull out a lot of cash beforehand and bring it with you, James Feldkamp says it’s never very smart to carry that much cash on you at one time. That being said, try to understand your bank’s fees before you leave on your trip; some banks may even reimburse you for all ATM fees accumulated while traveling internationally!

Fraud alerts

If you travel to another country, then James Feldkamp explains that you may find yourself receiving multiple fraud alerts from your bank or credit card companies. While you may just get an alert notification asking you if you authorize the transaction, sometimes these companies even shut off your card, making you unable to use it. To save the hassle and confusion, you’ll want to tell your bank and financial institutions where you’re traveling and when you’re traveling. This can save you from any unwanted fraud alert messages and card shutoffs.

Avoid data roaming

If you use your phone in another country, you may potentially experience very high roaming charges. To avoid these fees, that can be very hefty, it’s best to set up your phone ahead of time with your provider. James Feldkamp suggests that you should call your cell phone provider at least a few weeks ahead of your trip to determine the best course of action to avoid those ridiculous charges.

Have a maps/direction plan

Unless you have a tour guide or you travel overseas often, James Feldkamp says that you’ll probably need directions every single place that you go. And unless you set up your phone ahead of time, using Google Maps or another directions app while traveling can really rack up your data charges. To limit these charges, use the hotel Wi-fi before you head out for the day, take screenshots or make printouts, then use those while you’re driving or walking around.

Buy a guidebook

Especially if you’re traveling to a new country for the first time, James Feldkamp suggests that travelers should buy a guidebook beforehand. And while these books have tons of awesome pictures, they’re also packed with maps, info on popular destinations, amazing eating spots, and much more.

Given how James Feldkamp has traveled all over the world, he knows a thing or two about being prepared. By understanding the traveling tips mentioned above, now’s the time to book that flight!


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