The pandemic has restricted travelling so much that now, before leaving their house, people worry about a hundred things, including where they are going to stay and how safe and sanitary will that place be, among other things.

Those who have pets are all the more concerned, because even if a place is clean and hygienic, it may not be pet-friendly. So, sitting down to zero-in on the perfect accommodation can be quite a task.

But, pet owners may now have a reason to celebrate. As according to a, Pet Separation Anxiety is an issue on the rise, what with pet owners starting to consider travelling again, as the lockdown lifts in many parts of the world, the Insider reports. And while many people have been searching for pet-friendly accommodations now, has decided to begin the search for a team of ‘Creature Critics’ who, the outlet reports, will help review the world’s best pet-friendly hotels, so that people with cats, dogs or any other pet, know exactly where to stay for their next trip. is believed to have explained in a statement that in total, they will hire three pets and their owners to become a part of the ‘creature crew’. The ones selected to become members of the Creature Critic team, will each receive 10 nights on the website so they can test the best pet-friendly accommodations.

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