PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Maricopa County has hotel rooms available for residents who don’t have a place to isolate after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

Maricopa County communications director Fields Moseley said since the isolation hotel was made available in July, only 17 people have taken advantage of the resource.

“As soon as we know they need the help we can go ahead and place them in that hotel within a matter of minutes. It’s a short turnaround time once we know they are asking for help or being referred to us for help,” said Moseley.

There’s an online form people can fill out to request a room. They can also be referred by a local organization, such as the Crisis Response Network. Cities, towns and Native American tribes can also make referrals.

To be eligible, county residents must be living in a home where they’re not able to isolate in a bedroom with a bathroom that no one else uses.

“We know the incubation period of the virus. We know that if we can separate you from roommates, family, friends for 10 days. Where you have your own, room your own space your own bathroom so you’re not sharing with people, the opportunity to spread that virus reduces dramatically,” said Moseley.

Moseley said the undisclosed hotel has 126 rooms. People who request to quarantine at the hotel will receive for free their own room, kitchenette and bathroom. They’ll also be provided food so they don’t have to leave the site.

Moseley said this program is meant to target those living in multi-generational housing.

Those who don’t have COVID-19 but are living with someone who does and are afraid of being exposed are also eligible to stay at the hotel.


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