VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2020 / Coming home after a long day is one of life’s simple pleasures. The comfort of being greeted with a chilled glass of iced tea amidst a sweltering summer afternoon or a bowl of tomato soup fresh from the stove on a brisk fall day makes daily trials float away. Summer Dey Cacciagioni, the Mother of “God’s Adventure,” is challenging traditional assumptions about what a family home entails by making the notion of home mobile on her and her family’s journey to fulfill the work of God.

Summer Dey Cacciagioni, God’s “yes girl,” wife, and mother of three packed up her family and their belongings to travel across America, living full-time in an RV. When asked what inspired this decision, Summer declared that “when I feel Him telling me to do things, I just go! I jump off the cliff and learn how to fly on the way down.”

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Along her journey, which has just begun and is already making impactful waves, I had the pleasure of interviewing Summer, learning more about the call to action that inspired her adventure, and how her family is adjusting to their new life on wheels.

The Adventure Begins

Packing up three little ones for a day of errands is an under-appreciated challenge. Packing up three little ones, a house, and a supportive hubby for an indefinite adventure is not simply an under-appreciated challenge, it’s a remarkable feat. During our conversation, I asked Summer about what inspired her pursuit of God’s Adventure, an adventure that few would have the confidence and courage to embark on. To this, Summer answered:

“My husband and I have been talking for years about taking our children to all the states and allowing them to learn about this world by experiencing it. Last year, when I was praying at church, God kinda laughed at me and told me that this trip I wanted to take with my children was NOT simply about homeschooling my kids around the country – He was sending us into ministry, and our entire family would lead people to the Lord.

“He gave me a vision of my 6-year-old daughter praying for someone on the side of the road, at a little chicken shack in Alabama, leading them to the Lord, while three people waited in line for her to pray for them next. That Sunday, we had a guest speaker at church, and she had a vision about our family and said that there would be people all over the world that would be following our journey and that God would use our story to inspire them to BOLDLY go where God was calling them.

“The day that God told me He was sending us into ministry He also told us that the RV would ‘be provided.’ And He later told my husband that before the RV was provided, we were to give our cars away and ‘provide’ them to others. That was such an awesome experience! I LOVED giving our vehicles to others.”

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Day In The Life

As someone who struggles to go to the grocery store without a detailed list in hand guiding my purchasing decisions, I was curious about how Summer and her family have been navigating life on the road and what their day-to-day activities entail. This curiosity prompted me to ask if each and every day is outlined in advance, or if it is a make-it-up-as-you-go strategy? To this, Summer replied that:

“We are on God’s calendar! We go where we are invited and where He is calling us. We keep our schedule pretty open and go with the flow. We pray for people along the way in grocery stores, restaurants, etc. We often end up in people’s homes, praying for them as well.

“In the mornings, we do our morning routine with the kids, which includes an amazing bible study, gratitude, and a prayer time routine that my husband leads us through. We then spend time on homeschool activities. When our kids finish school, we like to go on family walks or bike rides, swim, exercise, play card games, practice archery, and more. My husband and I also both lead groups of men and women online who are reading the Bible cover-to-cover in 52 weeks. The group I am leading currently has over 6700 women in it! I spend a couple of times a week on zoom calls with them, as well as several hours pouring into and running the group. Any women interested in reading the bible cover to cover with us can check out for more details. We will be launching a new group of women in Genesis Chapter 1 soon!”

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Planning & Packing

Those (and that would be most) who have had to endure the horrors of moving are all too aware that it is a tragic experience. Even the best of planners struggle to move seamlessly, proving it is always an exhaustive task. Knowing full well how turbulent my own moves have been, I asked Summer how she planned and executed her move, and was relieved to hear that I am not the only one who struggles with planning and packing:

“Honestly…” reflected Summer, “it was pretty HARD. Something that people don’t know about me is that I was a ‘closet hoarder.’ I have always had a hard time getting rid of anything and had emotional attachments to EVERYTHING. I feel that part of the reason God called me on this adventure with Him was to get me to stop being so attached to ‘stuff.’

“At first, it was really challenging for me to throw anything away and to get rid of things I had held onto for years. I really want to have another baby, so getting rid of all of our baby stuff was perhaps the hardest. But then, a friend of my brother’s had a fire that destroyed their garage and all of the beautiful items they had just received at their baby shower for their first baby girl. When my brother asked if I had anything I could give them, I knew how much it would bless them and didn’t think twice about giving them whatever they needed. After that, I found it rewarding to find people who I knew could benefit from the stuff I loved. I carefully picked out things I had had for decades and found the perfect person to gift it to. Eventually, getting rid of my stuff became easier. I actually began to feel lighter, like I could breathe better, no longer under the weight of so much ‘stuff.’”

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Fearless & Faithful

Fearless as one might be, the execution of relocating your home from a plot of land to the open road is a unique proposition. When asked about how she chose to embrace this lifestyle change, Summer responded that:

“My whole life, I have always been fearless and had an extra portion of BOLDNESS and COURAGE. I am one of seven children – 6 boys and me. So, I grew up tough and not afraid to stand up for myself.”

After understanding where Summer’s fearlessness birthed from, the question of faith still remained. To this, I inquired about where she discovered the faith that God would provide for her and her family during their journey, which she replied:

“Faith has not always been easy for me. I grew up believing in the Lord, but when life knocked me down, I turned my back on Him. One of the worst times was when I was in college, my best friend shot himself in the head, and I never felt more lost and alone. Instead of turning to the Lord to get me through that challenge, I turned to alcohol. I thought I could just drink my pain away. Of course, that didn’t work! It just got me passed out drunk in the wrong bed, where I was sexually assaulted, which sent me into deeper depression and more darkness.

“I stayed pretty lost in my faith for the next 15 years. I married a man who had lost both of his parents and was pretty angry at God. We created a home together where we only went to church for Holidays and only prayed when we had dinner at someone’s house who ‘did that sort of thing.’

“About 7 years ago, God started getting to my heart. I got a new group of friends who were strong believers who had a HUGE influence on my husband and me. One of them led my husband to the Lord, and we both got baptized!

“My BIG surrender to faith came when I was in Israel in March of 2018. It’s kinda hard to explain, but essentially, I fully surrendered my life to the Lord. I got to go to the Jordan River and submerge myself in the water and make a covenant to give my life to the Lord and go wherever He calls me.

“That was 2 ½ years ago, and my life has never been the same! I think every Christian should take a trip to Israel because you cannot describe what it is like to go to the Jordan River, sail on the Sea of Galilee, and walk the cobbled streets where Jesus carried his cross. It’s a thing that really just has to be experienced! Which is part of the reason why I am going to be leading a group of 50 women on a trip to Israel in October of 2021.”

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Summer’s ability to overcome adversity on her journey with God inspired me to inquire if she would have had the same gumption to embark on God’s Adventure if asked 10 years prior, to which she responded:

“I would’ve said, “NO WAY!” 10 years ago, I was not walking with the Lord. I wasn’t even going to church. 10 years ago, I was running my own theatre company for kids, which had been my dream since high school. 10 years ago, I planned on teaching theatre till I was 90! But, God had other plans, plans I couldn’t have even imagined. And He keeps telling me I haven’t seen anything yet! Each day, I wake up excited to see what He is going to create!

“10 years ago, I was also struggling in my marriage with my husband hiding his addictions and infidelity from me, and although I didn’t know everything that was going on, it was silently suffocating us, and we were both miserable. I would never have believed that we could have the incredible life and marriage we have now! The marriage of my dreams, where my husband is the spiritual head of our home, we pray together as a couple, and as a family each day, where we are both leading large groups of people reading the Bible cover-to-cover, and we are traveling the world doing God’s work together! I would walk through the fire all over again to come out with the blessed relationship we have now.

“10 years ago, we also only had one daughter. I silently suffered from antepartum depression and had a HORRIBLE pregnancy and wasn’t sure I could ever do it again! I had had 3 surgeries for endometriosis and was told by three doctors that I would most likely never have children. I definitely wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I would be blessed to have two more girls!”

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Real Talk: $$$

It seems more and more common that individuals world-wide are retiring from traditional careers in pursuit of travel and adventure. To this, I think, “Heck yes!” but then I look at my bank account, which gives me a nasty little reality check. Money, an inherently touchy topic, is commonly the main obstacle to overcome when contemplating a nomadic lifestyle, which required me to get real with Summer, asking her how they are affording to share His Word?

“My husband and I have been incredibly blessed. We both have careers that we can do from anywhere in the world. I am a Public Speaker and Empowerment and Success Coach. My husband is kind of a genius. He takes care of the backend of all of my Coaching programs. He runs the website, creates my email campaigns, sets up my e-courses, and much, much more. He also sets up and runs podcasts for multiple clients and helps coaches turn their coaching courses into e-courses so they can reach a larger audience.

“In my Coaching Program, I teach women how to ‘checkmate fear’ so that they can live surrendered to faith and boldly step into God’s calling on their life. I love it! I love walking women through the pains of their past and into creating miracles in their life and their relationships. More info can be found at

“I also have a program launching this month that is specifically tailored to women who are dealing with the trauma of infidelity, as well as women whose husbands are suffering from pornography addiction. It is called, ‘Fear Into Faith – How to Find Yourself Again When Infidelity Has Shattered Your Happily Ever After Without Being Swallowed Up By Rage and Bitterness.’ It took my husband and I seven years and over $50,000 to recover from what we went through in our marriage, and we almost didn’t survive! I am honored to walk alongside other women and assist them with the tools and techniques that allowed us to reset our marriage, rediscover who we were, put God first, and live the life that others dream of!”

Details about that program can be found on my website:”

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Up, Up, and Away

The family has been gathered, the RV has been packed, and the Cacciagioni family are making their way from state to state. With their dream of embarking upon God’s Adventure having become a reality, what’s next for the family of five along their journey?

“We definitely know that we want to go to all 50 states. I have also been feeling for some time that God has been wanting us to have ‘no roots’ so that He can call us wherever He wants us. My husband and I would both love to travel and do ministry in other countries. We have many countries that we want to go to, such as – Argentina (where my husband’s parents were from), Australia, England, the Netherlands, Egypt, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, and several countries in South Africa, such as Ghana and Kenya. My husband wants to go to places where they build orphanages and homes for the extreme poor. He has a heart to work all day in the hot sun and helps build those projects with his own hands and to serve those less fortunate. I really would like my children to see those places as well and to know how blessed they are.

“In October of 2021, my husband will be going on his third trip to Israel with a group that he helps lead called ‘Leader of the Pack.’ It’s an all-male group whose motto is ‘Stand Up, Lead, and Protect.’ They go to Israel each year and learn how to become strong, confident, spiritual Leaders in their homes. It is one of the best things that ever came into my husband’s life. You can get more info on their organization at

“Since he will be co-leading a men’s trip to Israel in October of 2021 and I will be leading a group of women at that time, we are making plans to take our entire family to Israel and stay for a month or two.”

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Getting Involved

The best leaders set an example that inspires others to follow, that is exactly what Summer Dey Cacciagioni and her family are doing through their journey. As their growing audience watches the wonderful work of God’s Fulfillment throughout their mission, the question is asked by many, “How can I get involved?” Summer, jubilant in the desire of others to participate in her adventure, responded:

“Our website for ‘God’s Adventure’ is

“More details about my Coaching programs can be found on, as well as details for the next ‘Fear Into Faith Women’s Virtual Retreat,’ on December 4-6th. The event will be entirely online, with hundreds of women from all over the world participating. It is going to be an amazing event with 10+ POWERFUL and INSPIRING female speakers. At this event, we will be talking about all the really tough subjects that women don’t often get a chance to talk about, such as addiction, abortion, pornography, sexual abuse, infidelity, and more.

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Departing Words

What I learned from Summer was sensational, and her words and lessons proved to be inspiring, not just for ambitious nomads looking to follow in her footsteps, but for numerous others looking for a prompt to act on instinct, in order to seize life. She closed with providing 3 pieces of advice for those inspired by her messages, yet apprehensive about taking action resulting from fear:

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