We’re exactly one week from the start of the postseason, and seven teams have clinched a playoff berth. That means, in the year of the truncated regular season and the expanded postseason, nine spots are still up for grabs. As the great Samuel L. Jackson famously said, “Hold onto your butts.”

So much has happened in the two weeks since we last ranked the World Series contenders. The Yankees started raking again. The White Sox and Padres both clinched a postseason berth for the first time in more than a decade. Matt Chapman underwent season-ending hip surgery.

Here is an updated list of the 10 teams with (the most) legitimate World Series aspirations, ranked from least to most likely to win the title.

10. Oakland Athletics

The A’s are going to the postseason for the third straight season, and they became the first team to clinch their division Monday night. But of the first-place teams, they are the least likely to win the World Series. They have by far the best bullpen in the American League, if not in all of baseball (2.42 ERA), but they will not be at full strength—Chapman, their third baseman and best position player, is out for the rest of the season. The A’s have a track record of getting the most out of the least, and this team certainly is more talented than previous playoff-bound Oakland clubs. However, the other AL postseason teams are better.

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