ST. CHARLES – Ryan Sheley wants people to feel comfortable coming into a school or business as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

He recently launched, which sells protective shields, cough boxes and other products to businesses and schools for their use. The business is located at 882 Equity Drive in St. Charles.

“Everybody is trying to figure out how we can return safely,” Sheley said. “We consult and suggest to people what they might consider doing.”

Sheley launched earlier this year after his business TurboJet Partners – an aftermarket supplier of commercial aircraft surplus engine parts – began seeing big losses because of the travel business being down as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. He owns TurboJet Partners and with his wife, Pat.

With the launch of, they were able to retain 11 of the 36 employees from TurboJet Partners.

“aSafeReturn was just a way to pivot and find something that people need now and try and see if we can use this a means to try and keep as many people employed as possible,” said Chris Young, a director with and a partner in TurboJet Partners.

The company wants to help their clients find solutions. That includes restaurants, which must operate by the guidelines in the state’s Restore Illinois plan.

“People want to eat,” Young said. “People want to go out. And if people feel comfortable, they will.”

The company is also working with school districts across the country. People can visit aSafeReturn’s showroom to see how the products can be put to use.

“Local companies can come and look and see the products and see what we’ve done to try and get ideas,” Young said.. “And because we’ve figured it out, we can then go provide suggestions and ideas.”

All of the products can also be picked up at aSafeReturn. The company also delivers.

aSafeReturn also is working with businesses as they begin the process of reopening their workplaces.

“They know they probably have to do something,” Young said. “We’re just hoping to get the word out to those local companies to try and get them in so they can see what kind of options we come up with.”

More information about is available at its website,, or on its Facebook page, @aSafeReturn.

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