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Amazon on Wednesday partnered with Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) to provide their customers with the facility to book reserved train tickets on Amazon. It will be convenient for Android and iOS users to book their tickets using the Amazon App as the IRCTC app is sometimes subject to heavy traffic that causes the site to go down.

Moreover, users booking tickets through Amazon App will also get a 10 per cent discount on tickets with a maximum cashback of Rs 100. Prime users will be at the benefit of getting a 12 per cent discount on the train tickets with a maximum cashback of Rs 120. The cashback offer is only valid for a limited period. For the introductory period, Amazon has also waived off service and payment gateway transaction charges. Amazon already gave the option to book flights and bus tickets.

Here is how you can book train tickets using Amazon App:

— Go to the Amazon app

— Select Amazon Pay Tab

— Under Book Tickets > select Trains

— Enter the destinations of travel, select stations

–Enter the rest of the details like the dates of travel.

— If users want to travel in AC, they should check the box given in the app.

— Users can also go to the Find Trains options to look for more train options and filter their options as per their choice.

— The app then shows the availability of trains with their routes as well.

— Users should select the train options they find the most suitable.

— Users can also choose the categories under including General, Senior Citizen, or Ladies if they fall under these.

— Once users are sure of their options, they should click on Proceed.

— Users will require their IRCTC credentials, that is, the IRCTC account ID and password to complete their booking. In case users do not have IRCTC accounts, they can create one by going to the IRCTC website.

— There is also an option to create an IRCTC account on Amazon which says Click Here. After choosing this option users will be redirected to the IRCTC website where they can create an account.

–Once users have entered their IRCTC credentials, they can make the payment using their desired option.

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