Coming to DVD from director Aun Hoe Goh, Grindstone and Lionsgate is the double feature adventures below SEA LEVEL and SEA LEVEL 2: Magic Arch.

SEA LEVEL tells the story of under the sea, Pup is a bamboo shark who finds eggs on the ocean floor. When he discovers that humans are taking the eggs from the reef, he wants to find a way to save them. His best friend Julius the shark is worried that he might do something outrageous but there are even more problems happening below the reef.

Trying to keep a secret from Pup is Myrtle the Turtle who only wants to stop him from making a decision that could hurt him. Octo is the inventing octopus that knows Pups secret and swears to Myrtle that he is not going to tell even if he is a little hesitant and grumpy about it.

Still, Pup learns that he can breathe on land! Deciding to go onto land and find the others, Julius wants to go after Pup and bring him home. Turning back to Octo, there is a contraption that can help Julius do just that.

Pup takes the bold step and walks across the land searching and finds exactly who he is looking for. What he does not know is that Julius is in a contraption that lets him walk on land, but the land-dwelling animals have another plan.

When Pup explains what happened, his new land-dwelling friends want to make everything right. Hopefully they can do that before the ones from the deep led by and evil eel, try to take over below and ruin the reef home. Pup and Julius fight the two-legged problems while Octo and Myrtle fight the eight-legged problems.

Its time ocean life and land animals come together to make everything right again!

SEA LEVEL 2: Magic Arch, there is a young inventor dolphin named Delphi. He visits with Uncle Ray who makes the comment on that hurts his feelings about his ideas. Alpha the Dolphin gets a lot of attention that irritates him, but he only has eyes for the lovely dolphin Mia. Alpha eggs Delphi on about a secret punch but everyone loses interest.

Octavian is the mayor of the town and rules everything and wants Fishtown to get a new leader, meaning him. The angler fish have come to call out the mayor on how his promises have been broken and there is disorder all around.

Delphi also tries to deal with his father being gone so long. Deep under the water something has happened, the evil eels are back, and no one trust them. Even stranger is as Delphi finds an under the ocean city and goes through a magic arch, he comes out the other side as a turtle. They discover that whatever they say before going in, they come out as that on the other side.

Wanting to tell Octavian what they found, Delphi believes it will help Fishtown be more protected. When Alpha makes fun of him, Delphi decides that he is going to use the magic arch to show everyone. The eels have changed as well and plan to conqueror Fishtown with their huge size change. When Delphi tries to explain to Octavian about it all, he does not believe.

Mia goes after Delphi and sees the beauty of the underwater city and finds the magic arch that Delphi talked about. The problem is the eels are after Mia as he tries to rescue her and the chase is on! That is when Delphi discovers what really happened to his father and it has to do with another arch and time travel!

Someone has to stop the eels before they all change, find Mia and get Delphi’s dad home and we know who that is!

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SEA LEVEL and SEA LEVEL 2: Magic Arch are beautiful family fun films that tell the story of life under the sea. The first film brings all the animals together against a couple of humans who need a good fin slap while the second film deals with time travel and bringing safety to Fishtown.

The animation is beautifully done and so very colorful! The characters are adorable and full of fun which is important for the whole family to enjoy. Each film has a unique story to tell but the underlying theme is friendship, family, community and doing what is right for all. These are wonderful themes to have swimming through both films.

It is wonderful to have both films on one DVD as well so that one film flows into the other and families can stay under the sea for as long as possible. There is so much fun and humor in both of these films so plan on giggling plenty. There is not anything like swimming with friends who only want the best for you and are pretty cool to be around as well.

In the end – dive twice as deep into these funny fish features!

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