Looking for pet-friendly hotels? Now you can turn your pet into a reviewer, too!

The pandemic has restricted travelling so much that now, before leaving their house, people worry about a hundred things, including where they are going to stay and how safe and sanitary will that place be, among other things.

Those who have pets are all the more concerned, because even if a place is clean and hygienic, it may not be pet-friendly. So, sitting down to zero-in on the perfect accommodation

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Freely Announces Exclusive Nutrition Partnership with Best Friends Pet Hotels Starting October 1

Freely will be the Exclusive Nutrition Partner for both dogs and cats staying and playing at all 31 Best Friends Pet Hotel centers nationwide

BRENTWOOD, Mo. (PRWEB) September 30, 2020

As cooler weather descends and holiday preparations are underway, pet parents are starting to think about holiday plans, including pet boarding accommodations and day care arrangements. For busy families, Best Friends Pet Hotels provides peace of mind with a new

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Dear My Cat: Tips to help you in this therapeutic virtual pet sim | Articles


How to expand your cat pack

There are more than 100 anthropomorphic moggies for players to get to know in Dear My Cat. Each has their own unique backstory and endearing behaviours to observe, so to get the most out of the game, you’ll want to convince all of them to visit your island.

To encourage feline travellers to stop by, you’ll need to send out as many invites

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Perfect staycation destinations for discerning dogs and top tips to keep a pet happy on holiday

Pet owners planning a staycation to end the summer will be scouring destinations looking for a suitable place to take their four-legged friend to join the family fun.

Leaving pets behind can be heart-breaking, with many families refusing to go on holiday without them.

Pet food specialist Lily’s Kitchen has researched the most suitable destinations for discerning dogs.

Super-active breeds – like Border Collies – need plenty of exercise, so

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