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During these pandemic times, I’ve been traveling by swapping stories of voyages past with good friends and, of course, through books. With a little imagination and a good story, it turns out we can still travel anywhere. Here are a few of my favorite transporting reads, that leave me daydreaming about my next adventure with every turn of the page.

“A man who’s been married four times

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Jenison newlywed killed in Colorado plane crash remembered for love of adventure

JENISON, MI — A Jenison woman who died with her husband in a Colorado plane crash — just four days after their wedding — is being remembered for her love of adventure.

Lindsey Vogelaar, 33, and Costas Sivyllis, 30, died Monday, Oct. 5 in the crash near Telluride. They were headed home to Florida in Sivyllis’ private plane.

“Lindsey was the most fun, energetic person ever with an infectious laugh

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