CARMEL, Calif., Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Chef Mary Chamberlin has a taste for adventure that she shares with others in the release of her newest themed recipe book, The Traveling Cook Book. Exploring over 26 different countries with her husband, Captain Roy Chamberlin, she has created 156 pages of culinary delight. The cook book includes delicious discoveries from Argentina, England, France, Greece, Hawaii, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Wales and many other fascinating places.  The recipe book, available in time for holiday gift giving, provides world class recipes to be enjoyed by gourmets, cooks and food enthusiasts. Click for Photos

“Chef Mary’s Traveling Cook Book invites you to enjoy the incredible flavors and smells of far away lands without ever leaving your kitchen,” noted Chef Sharon Van Meter, E.W.M.C.S. “Her love of food and travel are paired perfectly in this extraoridnary collection of recipes that enables you to sample sensational international cuisine.” 

Chef Mary Chamberlin’s passion for fine food and educating others enables her to effectively share recipes that can be duplicated for an elegant dinner party or an evening at home with the family. Known for her legendary themed dinner parties that have aided numerous nonprofit organizations, Chef Mary continues to train and educate others interested in honing their culinary skills.

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