In a live interaction with LinkedIn, Gopinath said “India’s IT sector employment potential will continue to be quite strong and will relatively keep growing in pace with where we see the opportunity.”

TCS CEO further added, “I believe that the demand for talent and the demand for the IT services is only going to explode, given the role that technology is playing today and in future.”

Commenting on the coronavirus pandemic and its impact, Gopinathan said, “I’m impressed at the sheer scale and resilience we have seen across many parts of the economy.” With adaptability and resilience “we are well past the challenge phase of this whole event,” he believed.

“The extent to which technology is embedded in our lives has been going up significantly. The COVID-19 pandemic has only reinforced digital adoption further,” he added.

Commenting on digital acceleration for enterprises, he said, “There are kind of three horizons in which enterprises need to think about it. The first horizon, which has been further accelerated by the pandemic, is how resilient is your digital core.”

“The phase two of it has been significantly driven by innovation and research and essentially integrating best practices across industries into your operating model. Phase three is a more challenging one and that will define it as purpose-led changes to industry structure by adopting ecosystems as an operating model,” he further added.

For young job seekers, his advice was, “To those who are in institutes that do not have the repute today, you are in a position that’s much better than ever before. And equally a caveat for those who are in other institutes, that do not assume that the institute bestows on you a special status, you will need to make sure that you’re using the facilities of the institute to truly differentiate yourself against a larger population.”

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