Because of the spread of the COVID-19, remote work has become common in corporate environments, giving employees more flexibility in choosing their workplace. One entrepreneur was able to leverage his online expertise and turn it into a lucrative business that allows him to travel around the world.

Jubril Agoro is the founder of Agoro Marketing Agency and co-founder of the Live Richer Academy, an online school to teach people financial literacy with finance expert, Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche. Agoro got his start after teaching himself the foundations of digital marketing and getting an early start reselling goods on eBay.

“I started to focus on businesses that I could build long term [and] that had a big opportunity,” said Agoro in an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE. “When I looked at the industry, there was nobody serving not even  just African American women, just women in general, through the ad space, no one was promoting [to them].”

Because of the flexibility of his online businesses, he was able to travel freely and started working while on the road. After a trip to Hawaii, he became inspired to continue to travel more, documenting his journey on social media and YouTube.

“I would go to places like Thailand and Colombia [and I was] having a completely different experience [than from] what the media was showing me,” he said. “So I wanted to tell my story.”

Agoro then started Passport Heavy, a travel and production company, since his remote lifestyle gave him the freedom to work from any place in the world.

“Before [I did travel videos], my first videos were on Black executives and entrepreneurs,” he said. The travel [piece] came out of a love for showing people a different side of the world.”

For those transitioning into a remote work lifestyle, Agoro says take advantage of remote work permits, strengthen your skills, and learn how to adapt to the digital marketplace.

“Do the work and invest in yourself,” he says. “COVID-19 [has] only accelerated working from home and now its the norm now….this is the way of the future.”



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