Trivandrum is a quaint city bustling with metropolitan vibes. Kerala’s capital offers a perfect blend of coastal beauties with rich cultural heritage and stunning views of the mighty Western Ghats. You can plan a day trip from Trivandrum to Kochi to experience the wonders of God’s own country in their full glory.

Road Trip from Trivandrum to Kochi

Taking a road trip is an invigorating way to explore idyllic beaches, serene sights, and beautiful temples on your route. You can hire self-drive cars in Trivandrum and start an unforgettable trip with your loved ones. 

Even if you are a solo traveler, it’s an affordable option to travel within the state. Here are some practical tips to get the most of your trip.

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Make Your Personalised Itinerary

The road from Trivandrum to Kochi spans over 199 km, and it may take around 4-5 hours to cover this distance. There are several breathtaking sights on the route, for which you can take a detour. 

For example, you can plan a halt at Alleppey to explore the coveted backwaters in a houseboat cruise. You can also visit Kuttanad’s green paddy fields, spend a day at Alappuzha Beach, or explore Munnar’s tea plantations en route to Kochi. Each of these destinations is perfect for your itinerary. 

You don’t have to follow the standard routes, and that becomes possible if you choose self-drive cars in Trivandrum. Unlike taxis or cabs that follow their routes, you can take as many diversions as you want with a rented, self-driven car. 

Keep a Map Handy

If you decide to plan your travel with a self-drive car rental, you may need a road map to make your trip more fun. You can know more about the regular routes, highways, and hidden shortcuts to your destination with a map. 

For example, if you want to visit the famous Neyyar Dam and sanctuary, a map can help find it quickly and the next location within a 2-hour drive to cover more places. 

Travel at Your Pace

Sometimes, long and non-stop driving can take a toll on your spine and cause some issues. A trip from Trivandrum to Kochi is a long one, and you may face these repercussions even if you aren’t driving the car. 

Hence, be flexible with your plans and take short breaks at highway motels or roadside restaurants to stretch the legs or rest. 

If you plan an extended trip for a week, you may even stay at Poovar Island and enjoy an Ayurvedic massage at your resort. Extend your stay at this destination to visit Mankayam Waterfalls or nearby sanctuaries. 

Choose the Right Car

A road trip with self-drive cars in Trivandrum sounds like a riveting experience. But, it will help if you have a comfortable ride to enjoy it. The ideal way to pick the right rental vehicle is to count the heads and plan accordingly. If you have kids, look for bigger vehicles with car seats for safety and comfort throughout the journey. 

While compact cars are perfect for weekend trips to Kovalam Beach, Thenmala Sanctuary, or Ponmudi, you need a bigger and stronger SUV for the long-distance journey. Also, the car should complement your driving styles. 

If you are comfortable with automatic cars, look for models that suit your needs. In any case, avoid choosing cheaper options. Do not select a small car that makes you cram your luggage or sit uncomfortably in a small seat. 

Plan On-Road Entertainment

When driving your car from Trivandrum to Kochi, you needn’t rely solely on the natural attractions. Create new memories of your journey with some fun road games, favorite play tunes, and chattering with your companions. 

A road trip isn’t only about covering the kilometers. Enjoy every bit of it by stopping at regular intervals to admire a beautiful point or relish the local delicacies at a food joint. 

Know Your Budget

Any travel plan isn’t feasible unless you have a practical budget to back it. When traveling from Trivandrum to Kochi, make a reasonable budget that includes the costs of car rentals. 

Here, you can save more money by choosing self-drive cars, avoid extra expenses, taking shorter routes, and saving fuel with better planning. 

Also, book the rentals in advance to avail of some discounts and avoid the last-minute rush. Once you have a budget, check if it suffices a self-drive car with or without fuel. 

So, a road trip from Trivandrum to Kochi will become more pleasurable if you plan well and follow these tips. Hire a car from Technopark or Trivandrum Airport to set off in your journey immediately. 

If you want to explore Trivandrum, spend a few days in the city before your trip to Kochi. In any case, self-drive car rentals will make it better.

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