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Here’s our comprehensive guide to the warmest November holiday destinations, featuring top city break ideas, the coolest events and the best beaches for early winter sun. Plus, holiday planning tips, where to stay and when to book your flights to find the best deal.

Best November holiday destinations for city breaks

Explore sun-soaked cities and get some early Christmas shopping done, with our pick of the best November holiday destinations for city breaks.

Top November holiday destinations for winter sun

Average temperature: 31°C

One of the sunniest November holiday destinations, Dubai is hot hot hot at this time of year, so if anything you’ll want to keep cool in the air-conditioned bliss of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa (observation deck tickets from AED 241, open daily from 8.30am). At 829.8 metres high, it’s almost 200 metres taller than its highest competitor, the Shanghai Tower. Keep your ears open in the lifts: the music was written especially for the building, with beats building to a crescendo as you near the top.

Dubai is a city of two worlds: take a traditional dhow boat across Dubai Creek to browse the traditional spice and gold souks for a different experience than the glitzy shopping malls. Check out our guide to the top ten things to do in Dubai for more ideas – which includes skiing, believe it or not.

Where to stay

Dubai Marina might be chock-full of extravagant 5-star hotels with 5-star tariffs (Atlantis The Palm, anyone?), but more affordable rooms are available too. Marco Polo Hotel offers straightforward, friendly accommodation with free beach transfers from £21 a night*.

Best time to book flights to Dubai: 23 weeks before departure, saving 5% on average flight prices from the UK to Dubai.

Marrakesh is one of the most cultural November holiday destinations

Average temperature: 22°C

Marrakesh is a little cooler than Dubai, but it’s one of the warmest November holiday destinations within a short-haul flight radius of the UK. After exploring the city’s bustling souks, take a day trip to Essaouira (pronounced ‘essa-weera’) on the coast, which is around two and a half hours’ west of Marrakesh.

This fortified fishing town is as relaxing as Marrakesh is chaotic, making for a refreshing change of pace. After wandering along the city walls, make sure to stop for a well-earned ice cream at the wonderful Gelateria Dolce Freddo on the main square.

Take a peek at our guide to Marrakesh too, featuring everything from medieval mosques to mint tea.

Where to stay

Stretch your holiday spending budget with an affordable stay at Fashion Hotel from £39 a night – it has a huge pool on the roof and a great location for onward travel by train or bus. Alternatively, go a little more local and stay at one of Marrakesh’s many riads like Riad 72 – a luxury version of the traditional Moroccan townhouse arranged around a courtyard.

Best time to book flights to Marrakesh: 10 weeks before departure, saving 13% on average flight prices from the UK to Marrakesh.

Istanbul is one of the most mesmerising November holiday destinations for shopping and culture

Average temperature: 15°C

November in Istanbul is warmer than the southern UK and its mesmerising souks promise to banish the winter blues. The Hagia Sophia is one of the world’s most fascinating and impressive buildings and has a long and twisting history, which continues today.

It was built in 537 as an Orthodox Christian church at the behest of Emperor Justinian I. The massive 31-metre brick-and-mortar dome was a marvel at the time of construction, although it collapsed a few times before they got the design right. In 1453, the Ottoman invasion saw the church converted into a mosque, with the addition of the four minarets that remain today. The building was a museum from 1934 until July 2020, when it was converted back into a mosque among much controversy. Like other mosques in Turkey, it’s open to non-Muslim visitors and tourists.

Where to stay

Centrally located Hotel Black Tulip is a good-value pick if you want to beat the queues at Hagia Sophia, just a few streets away. Nearby Rose Garden Suites has lovely Art Deco rooms and grounds to match, from £39 a night.

Best time to book flights to Istanbul: 5-8 weeks before departure, saving 7% on average flight prices from the UK to Istanbul.

It doesn't get much more culturally fascinating than Myanmar's capital Yangon for November holiday destinations

Average temperature: 32°C

In November Southeast Asia’s rainy season is tailing off, and temperatures are hot without being scorching, ensuring its popularity among hot November holiday destinations. Yangon (formerly Rangoon) in Myanmar (formerly Burma) is one of the world’s most fascinating cities. In the past few years the military regime has relaxed travel restrictions, meaning that more and more people are starting to take in the unique sights – such as the distinctive gold spire of Shwedagon Pagoda.

Take a walking tour of the frenetic streets and you’ll find crumbling colonial buildings, a shrine to the last Indian Mughal Emperor, and street food to rival Bangkok in both flavour and value.

Note that while the majority of Myanmar is very safe, the FCO advises against travel to certain regions, such as the westerly Rakhine State.

Where to stay

You’ll rarely find a warmer welcome than at Shannkalay Hostel, a simple but comfy hostel from just £8 per night, including breakfast.

Best time to book flights to Yangon: 20 weeks before departure, saving 5% on average flight prices from the UK to Yangon.

Manarola, in Cinque Terre, is one of the most rustic and quiet November hoilday destinations

Average temperature: 15°C

Daniel James from DanFlyingSolo gives us the lowdown on why this is one of the best November holiday destinations:

Where would you go in Cinque Terre?

“The five towns which make up this rugged region of northern Italy are all worth your time to explore. Hiking between the villages or taking a train are both possible and you should be sure to visit all five: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore (if you have extra time also head along the coast to the beautiful fishing village of Camogli).”

Why should anyone else go there?

“If you love colourful houses, rustic charm, the smell of Italian treats wafting out of doorways and to experience a truly slower pace of life then Cinque Terre is for you. Combining great food, nature, the ocean, and a million photography opportunities into a weekend.”

What makes it one of the best holiday destinations in November, in particular?

“Cinque Terre gets so busy in the summer months that they are starting to limit the number of visitors. During the off-season, however, it is relatively crowd-free. Although the temperatures are not as consistent in the winter (highs of around 15°C), as long as you have some sunshine you are all set.”

Where would you stay?

“Vernazza is one of the central towns and the perfect place to rent a guest house or apartment. With early morning bakeries for fresh pastries, and relaxing bars on the square around the water, the magic comes alive once the day-trippers have left.”

Which attractions would you visit?

“Taking a hike between any of the five villages promises breathtaking views as well as the chance to see the natural beauty of the water and greenery from a higher vantage point. These colourful houses and small streets are all the attraction you need.”

Any recommendations for bars, restaurants or cafes?

“After catching your sunset photos of Manarola (pictured) head to one of the quaint wine and snack bars that overlook the water. Grab a glass of local wine and watch the sun slowly set on the horizon before heading into whichever restaurant lures your senses.”

Best November holiday destinations for beaches

Wondering where to go in November for a seaside and sunshine fix? Wonder no more…

Sunny November holiday destinations don't get much more blissful than Mauritius

Average temperature: 29°C

Things are warming up nicely in Mauritius at this time of year. This beautiful volcanic island off the coast of East Africa is at its coolest in August, but the mercury starts to climb back up in November. The rainy season is still at least a month away, and the average sea temperature is a balmy 25 degrees. Make the most of it at Trou aux Biches, which is blessed with shallow waters that make it the perfect spot for snorkelling. There are plenty of wrecks and coral reefs to explore, too.

Check out more totally tropical winter sun destinations.

Where to stay

Mon Choisy Beach Resort is cheaper than most Trou aux Biches hotels, and has a dreamy infinity pool as well as studios with kitchenettes so you can make your own meals (rooms from £56 a night).

Best time to book flights to Mauritius: 3 weeks before departure, saving 6% on average flight prices from the UK to Mauritius.

7. Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, boasts huge sand dunes stretching towards the sea

Average temperature: 21°C

Gran Canaria is a perfect November holiday destination, with temperatures cooling off from the summer, and accommodation much, much cheaper than in the summer peak season.

Beach-wise, Maspalomas can’t be beaten. Huge sand dunes covering 400 hectares drift down towards the sea, where a massive sandy shore spreads out seemingly forever. 

From camel trekking to rum tasting, there’s never a dull moment when you try our top things to do in Gran Canaria.

Where to stay

Bungalows Cordial Green Golf is a good option for families, with a kids club, separate pools and fully-fitted self-catering bungalows from £120 a night. LGBTQ+ couples will find plenty of friendly accommodation options, including Playa del Ingles’ 4-star Birdcage Resort.

Best time to book flights to Gran Canaria: 1-3 or 7 weeks before departure, saving 10% on average flight prices from the UK to Gran Canaria.

8. Bali, Indonesia

You'll need parasols on a beach holiday to Bali in November

Average temperature: 31°C

If you’re wondering where to go on holiday in November, how about the tropical island of Bali? The weather here is warm all year round, but the peak rainfall occurs between December and March, so visit in November before the heavens open.

Kuta Beach is the most famous on the island but also the most touristy – for a bit of peace and quiet, head to the north coast of the island to the fishing village of Pemuteran. With its black-sand beach, excellent snorkelling and low-key setting, it’s the perfect antidote to the brashness of Kuta.

Where to stay

For a typically laidback Balinese stay, try Sunia Loka Bungalow Bali. It’s just a short scooter ride from Pemuteran, with typical grass-roofed huts and fragrant flower gardens. Bungalows start from £23 per night.

Best time to book flights to Bali:  13 weeks before departure, saving 5% on average flight prices from the UK to Bali.

November holiday destinations FAQs

Is going on holiday in November cheap?

Outside of school holidays and in advance of the Christmas season, November is a great time to bag a bargain holiday. Use the Skyscanner ‘search everywhere’ tool to seek the lowest prices.  

Where’s the best weather in November?

While northern Europe is starting to feel the chill, November boasts some of the best weather in other parts of the world. The monsoon period in India and across east Asia has just come to an end, the rainy season in east Africa is over, and the worst of hurricane season in the USA and elsewhere in the Atlantic is over.

Why is November a good time for a holiday?

Pick a sunny November destination and the odds can be hugely in your favour. With no school holidays going on, beaches, planes and holidays should be quieter – and cheaper – than in peak times. And as it’s just before Christmas, you’re more likely to get discounts in advance of the December rush.  

What are the hottest November holiday destinations?

According to the Met Office, some of the hottest places to visit in November are Bangkok (33.1°C), Singapore (31.1°C), Dominican Republic (30.5°C) and Barbados (30.3°C).

Find more ideas for a winter getaway here:

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