Washington County health officials have traced recent COVID-19 cases to a Hudson Falls school and local travel baseball teams, and are warning anyone who recently visited a Fort Edward restaurant to monitor for symptoms after a diner there tested positive.

Public health officials on Wednesday said the school case involves a student at the Hudson Falls High School. A public health investigation revealed the student had not been in school facilities for the past six days, and there are no known exposures at this time, the county said.

The district has cooperated with county public health officials and will remain open, the county said.

The county also confirmed a recent COVID-19 case in someone who plays on two different local travel baseball teams. The teams played over the weekend in games in adjacent counties. The county did not say if the positive case is the same as the Hudson Falls student. A public health investigation remains underway, and any teams and players who may have been exposed will be notified directly by the county’s contact tracers, the county said.

The county also warned Wednesday of a low-risk exposure to COVID-19 at the Anvil Inn restaurant in Fort Edward.

A patron who visited the restaurant Saturday night between the hours of 7:15 and 9:30 has tested positive for the disease, the county said. The restaurant has followed state guidance and sanitization protocols and there would have been a “low risk” to anyone who visited the restaurant during that time period, the county said.

Nevertheless, the county is asking visitors during that time frame to self-monitor for any potential COVID-19 symptoms and report any issues to the county public health department at 518-746-2400.

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