Travelport announced today that CTI Business Travel, an international full-service travel management company, has completed its full Global Distribution System (GDS) upgrade to Travelport following a newly signed multi-year deal. CTI Business Travel decided to move its business to Travelport after Southwest Airlines announced its full GDS participation with the company.

provided CTI Business Travel with dedicated training and support throughout the
onboarding process to help ensure a smooth transition. The travel management
company is now fully on-boarded and using several Travelport tools to customize
and automate actions to enhance workflows, including Quick Menu and Custom Trip
Quote. In fact, CTI Business Travel agents have shared that the process to
complete Amtrak rail bookings is significantly faster using Travelport, with a
more efficient workflow than was available before the transition.

“We are very
excited about the improvements we’re already seeing with Travelport and are
very impressed by the level of support, flexibility and training that helped
make this a seamless migration process,” said Brian Dickerson, Chief Executive
Officer at CTI Business Travel. “The Travelport team was able to get us up and
running quickly, without any issues, and their expertise is invaluable – all of
these things combined are especially important to our business as our industry
navigates these challenging times.”

Travelport is also providing CTI Business Travel with the retail capabilities its agents need to search and book the most complete products offered from Southwest Airlines, along with more than 400 other airlines using Travelport Branded Fares and Ancillaries. With access to Travelport’s COVID-19 Smartpoint Plugin and Airline Health & Safety Tracker tools, the US-based agency can easily access critical real-time information for travelers about government restrictions and airline safety measures within their workflow.

“We are
fully dedicated to supporting all of our agency customers as our industry
continues to recover from the pandemic, and for our new customers like CTI
Business Travel, we are working especially hard to ensure that agents feel
confident and empowered to deliver superior service,”  said Jason
Toothman, Head of Americas at Travelport. “We’re excited to work with CTI and
expect agents will continue to see significant improvements in their
productivity as corporate travel resumes and grows.”

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