For area wine lovers, Broken Creek Vineyard & Winery in Shrewsbury is a hidden gem — the perfect destination for visitors to experience something unique.

Eric and Peggy Preusse bought the property in 2010 and established the 40-acre vineyard and boutique winery in 2015, adding an addition and expanding the winery in 2017.

Luckily for wine drinkers, this small winery has continued in business in a world turned upside down by the COVID-19 virus. News that the couple put the business up for sale is a mix of sadness and joy. The property (saltbox house and winery) listed at $3.35 million in May.

The couple originally bought the property with the idea of having a small winery and selling wine locally. “We never expected it would be so successful,” said Preusse.

The decision to sell the property was a tough one, he said, but the couple had promised each other that when the business reached the 10-year mark they would sell the property and travel internationally. “We would check it off our bucket list and live our dream,” said Preusse.

Starting a winery and making it successful takes time, money, determination and a good work ethic, according to Preusse, who acknowledged he learned a lot since first starting out making wine as a hobby. “It’s hard work and challenging, but we have no regrets. It really has been a labor of love to create a good bottle of wine, and we have met such amazing people. It has been an incredible experience.”

The couple’s plan is to sell to someone who will have the passion to keep the winery and vineyard going. There are opportunities to grow the business, including selling wine to restaurants, according to Preusse, who bottles more than a dozen different red and white varieties. Inventory will go with the sale of the property, he said.

Broken Creek has a solid foundation and has built on its relationship with wine lovers. Prior to the pandemic, the business booked an estimated 100 events a year that included business meetings, bridal showers, fundraisers and sports functions. The three-story winery includes two tasting rooms with tasting bars and a full kitchen, in addition to an outdoor covered porch that overlooks the vineyards. There also are picnic tables on the grounds.

The winery has not held wine tastings during the pandemic, keeping with state policies. Visit or Facebook for updated information about hours, etc. Last month, the owners were looking into a new plan that would allow the winery to reopen to include food service for winery visitors. The winery is located at 614 South St., Shrewsbury; telephone: (508) 925-5617.

The annual fall grape harvest at the winery is scheduled for September and late October. Volunteers who want to help with the harvest can check the winery website for information.

“This year’s harvest definitely will be different as volunteers will have to remain 6 feet apart,” said Preusse. “We’re all adjusting to the new normal.”

The upside to selling the winery is that Preusse and his wife will have time to relax in retirement. “We want to remain in the area after the property is sold,” said Preusse. “We’re a tight-knit family and we don’t want to be far away from our kids, family members and friends.”

Preusse worked as an engineer before becoming a vintner. He and his wife, a nurse, raised their three children in Northboro before moving to Shrewsbury.

Broken Creek Vineyard & Winery was featured in the House of the Week column published in May in the Telegram & Gazette. It’s an interesting and informative read, potential buyer or not.

Owners of this small family-run winery are especially thankful for the loyalty and support during the pandemic. Strong bottle sales have kept this boutique winery connected to customers, said Preusse. “Our winery will continue to operate regardless of whether we sell it or not,” he said.

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