SAN ANTONIO – The pandemic has taken a toll on so many of our lives. But despite losing so much, one man in San Antonio is doing his best to give back.

These days, Len Trevino is used to practicing martial arts solo.

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“It’s a way of life. It helps people learn very important things about life. How to take one thing at a time,” says Trevino.

Trevino has spent the last twenty years teaching martial arts in his two San Antonio studios named “Bulgyo Mu Sul”. He’s taught the Korean form of martial arts to beginner students as young as three and as old as 56 years old.

“It helps me stay calm and manage my stress,” says Trevino.

In March, Trevino had to shut down his studios and say goodbye to 150 students.

“We had to be close when we do techniques and grapple on the ground and so forth. So I had to make the hard decision to tell my families that until further notice we’re not gonna meet,” Trevino says. “It was very difficult. This is a big part of my life.”

In addition to closing his business, Trevino also hasn’t been able to see the people he loves most for eight months because of travel restrictions.

“I have family in the Philippines. My partner is in the Philippines and she and I haven’t seen each other.”

But even though he’s lost his businesses and in-person contact with his family members, Trevino isn’t letting that get him down.

Trevino used to work in the public health sector and decided to bring those skills back to help during the pandemic.

“I had the opportunity to apply for a position working in COVID-19. I thought what better way to give back to my community.”

He’s now working for the city’s COVID-19 Response Coalition to help manage the spread of coronavirus throughout San Antonio. He says the mindset from martial arts is helping him tackle all the issues he’s facing.

“You have to remain calm under pressure during crises. You have to not be distracted. You have to keep calm. Do not panic and take one thing at a time and focus,” says Trevino.

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