Leading Private Aviation Solution Provider Advises Guests & Businesses on Utilizing the CARES Act Tax Exemption for Private Jet Travel

As we enter the final few months of 2020, your private aviation consultants at Magellan Jets are thrilled to provide their expertise on tax holiday benefits for individuals and organizations, so they can better understand the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) and its impact on their private jet travel.

With companies across the country eager to get back to business again, the CARES Act incentivizes organizations to utilize the safety of private aviation by suspending certain excise taxes on private jet travel booked through December 31, 2020. The tax exemption also extends to any jet card or membership purchases made before the end of the year, even if they aren’t used to fly until 2021 or beyond.

In response to the tax holiday, Magellan Jets is assisting travelers and organizations with securing their business continuity plans and making long-term tax savings strategies. Sitting on the same side of the table as you, our CARES Act experts can walk you through the benefits and how they apply to each of our purely private services. Additionally, Magellan Jets extends further benefits to guests with the waving of escrow admin fees through the rest of 2020.

“We’re so grateful that the government is giving us travel benefits because they want people to start flying again for business,” says Magellan Jets’ CEO, Joshua Hebert. “With interest rates so low, now is a good opportunity to invest in your future and your business by traveling again and saving 7.5% on your private aviation needs.”

Should the U.S. government enact any changes to the CARES Act, Magellan Jets will continue to provide guests and organizations with the latest updates, as well as further assistance with optimizing their tax holiday strategy.

To speak with a Private Aviation Consultant regarding the CARES Act tax holiday and its impact on private jet travel, please call 844-993-3280 or click here for more details.

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